All registered entities that are Reliability Coordinators (RCs), Balancing Authorities (BAs), or Transmission Operators (TOPs) are required to meet or exceed minimum criteria demonstrating their capability to perform their responsibilities. This is accomplished through the Certification Process as outlined in Section 500 and Appendix 5A of the NERC Rules of Procedure.  The Certification Process may consist of either: (1) a Full Certification where SERC and NERC consider all NERC Reliability Standards applicable to the entity’s registration; or (2) a Certification Review where SERC and NERC consider only those NERC Reliability Standards impacted by a change to an existing registered entity’s operation.

Certification Process

Entities (new and existing) should complete the SERC Certification Notification & Preliminary Questionnaire and submit to SERCregistration@serc1.org to initiate the Certification Process.