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Registered Entity Forum (REF)


SERC has developed a value-based, targeted assistance program, and registered entities within the SERC region are invited to participate. If you are interested, simply complete and submit the Entity Assistance Request form.

The program is an enhancement to additional Outreach & Training opportunities:

  • Outreach: Seminars and webinars are conducted throughout the year. Also on the Upcoming Events page are links to Past Events where there are links to presentations and recordings at the bottom of each event’s page.
  • Registered Entity Forum: Its purpose is to promote compliance excellence through stakeholder information exchange. The REF Steering Committee also acts as a conduit to submit questions anonymously to SERC.
  • System Operator Conferences: Scheduled conferences are listed under Upcoming Events. Conferences offer simulator training for system operators in normal/emergency operations and operator communication, collaboration, and situational awareness. Attendees earn NERC-approved Continuing Education Hours (CEHs) for successful completion.
  • FAQ & Lessons Learned: Questions submitted by stakeholders and answers are listed by category. Those in the Standards category are listed by standard family and then in numerical order. A green NEW flag appears next to the category and question for 30 days after its posting. Perhaps the answer to your question or a question you didn’t think to ask is posted. If not, you are invited to submit a question.
  • Newsletter: The SERC Newsletter is distributed monthly to those with SERC Portal access and stakeholder subscribers. It is interactive for quick and easy navigation to articles. Regular features include: Hot Topics; news items from SERC, NERC, and FERC; SERC Technical Committee and Outreach & Training information; and upcoming events. If you would like to subscribe but do not have portal access, simply send a request to
  • Resource Library: The library includes lists of past presentations and newsletter articles in Excel spreadsheet format to easily filter and sort by topic, date, or speaker.

Registration Questions

For new and revised registrations 
SERC Registration Form

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Compliance & Committee Portal
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Certification Reviews 
Certification Request Form

Bulk Electric System 
BES Program

2019 SERC 101 Webinar Presentations 
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NERC Alert 
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Registration and Certification

All bulk power system owners, operators, and users that meet certain criteria are required to register with NERC. The process begins by registering at the Regional level.


  • Use the online Registration Form to register an entity in the SERC Region and to make any revisions and/or updates to the entity’s registration. Changes should be noted in the Reason for Request section of the form. Also attach the GO/GOP Asset Verification Form, if applicable.
  • If your organization is registered in more than one Region, you will need to update your registration with all the applicable Regions.
  • SERC Has Two Portals: The Compliance & Committee Portal and the Reliability Data Reporting Portal. (The Logon dropdown on each page of the SERC website at top right next to Search box offers links to both portals.)
         Entities receive SERC Compliance & Committee Portal access when its Registration is completed. The same user name and password is valid for both portals. A SERC Compliance & Committee Portal User Guide is available online. Contact either or if additional assistance is needed.
         The Reliability Portal is used for data collection. The Data Collection page of the website includes all related instructions and the reporting schedule.
  • NERC Alert SystemAs a separate part of the NERC registration process and inclusion on the NERC Compliance Registry (NCR), entities are to contact NERC via email at to register or revise its listing for the NERC Alert System. Alternately, you may call the NERC Alerts Hotline at 404-446-9797 to speak with someone. (See presentation link on left.)
         When NERC issues an Alert, SERC staff monitors required acknowledgements and responses from registered entities within the Region to ensure compliance with the Alert’s requests.


  • All registered entities that are Reliability Coordinators (RCs), Balancing Authorities (BAs), or Transmission Operators (TOPs) are required to meet or exceed minimum criteria demonstrating their capability to perform their responsibilities.
  • Certification Reviews are to be requested by entities registered as an RC, BA, and/or TOP. (Certification Request Form) Items that are considered in requesting a review include, but are not limited to, the following:
    • Changes to a Registered Entity’s footprint or operational challenges (e.g., transmission loading relief - TLRs)
    • Organizational restructuring that could impact bulk power system (BPS) reliability
    • Construction of or relocation of the control center, primary or back-up
    • Changes to Registered Entity ownership that require major operating procedure changes
    • Significant changes to Joint Registration Organization (JRO)/Coordinated Functional Registration (CFR) assignments or agreements
    • Addition or removal of member JRO/CFR utilities or entities
    • Complete replacement of a Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) / Energy Management System (EMS)

SERC Compliance Process Questions

2019 SERC 101 Webinar Presentations 

Compliance Monitoring & Enforcement 

Entity Assessment & Mitigation
   EAM is now Risk Assessment & Mitigation (RAM) 

SERC Audit Process

ISME Program 

Reliability Standards 101 

Compliance & Enforcement

  • Compliance Monitoring
    The Compliance monitoring methods are identified here. Check the annual Compliance Program folder for information on the SERC Audit Schedule, filing due dates, and the SERC Regional Appendix to the ERO Implementation Plan.
         SERC, through its Industry Subject Matter Experts (ISME) program, is the only Region that offers registered entity volunteers the opportunity to participate in a SERC Compliance Audit.
  • Risk Assessment and Mitigation
    If an issue of noncompliance is identified, the Entity Assessment and Mitigation team assesses the scope of the noncompliance issue and the risk imposed to the bulk power system. The team conducts Compliance Assessments, and encourages registered entities to self-report and mitigate Possible Violations as soon as they are identified.
         In an effort to help registered entities navigate the Self-Report and Request for Information (RFI) processes, SERC has taken some of the more frequently violated Standards and Requirements and provided the RFI questions asked most often for each. See the RFI Tips folder under Documents on the Risk Assistance and Mitigation webpage.
         The team also manages SERC’s efforts relative to Inherent Risk Assessments (IRA), which is a key component in the risk-based approach to compliance monitoring.  
  • Enforcement
    SERC Enforcement is bound by the NERC Rules of Procedure and strives to be independent, objective, and fair in resolving Enforcement actions without conflict of interest.

Reliability Assessment & Performance Analysis 

In partnership with SERC registered entity subject matter experts, SERC conducts data gathering and analysis to perform an independent reliability assessment of the Bulk Electric System (BES) within the SERC Region.


2019 SERC 101 Webinar Presentation

Reliability Standards 101

Standards and Regional Criteria 

The SERC Standards effort develops Regional reliability standards, as needed; and promotes active engagement of SERC stakeholders in standards development in the NERC Standards process.


SERC Committees 

SERC Member stakeholders participate in SERC committees. These experts, from all segments of the electric industry, contribute their knowledge to promote the reliability of the BPS in the SERC Region.

     SERC Membership Information