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  • Rules of Procedure (ROP)
    Expand the Rules of Procedure in Effect list at the bottom of page. Review the Rules of Procedure (complete document) to note information contained that is of special interest to you. Topics that may be of particular note include:
    • Appendix 2:  Definitions Used in the Rules of Procedure
    • Section 400: Compliance Enforcement
      • Appendix 4B:  Sanction Guidelines
      • Appendix 4C:  Compliance Monitoring and Enforcement Program (CMEP)
      • Appendix 4D:  Procedure for Requesting and Receiving Technical Feasibility Exceptions (TFE) to NERC Critical Infrastructure Protection Standards
    • Section 500: Organization Registration and Certification
      • Appendix 5A:  Organization Registration and Certification Manual
      • Appendix 5B:  Statement of Compliance Registry Criteria
  • Organization Registration
    • NERC Compliance Registry (NCR)
      The NCR contains a list of all active registered entities within the Electric Reliability Organization (ERO).
  • Organization Certification
  • Bulk Electric System (BES) Definition, Notification, and Exception Process
  • Compliance and Enforcement
  • Reliability Standards
    • One-Stop-Shop is a link at the top of the left navigation column when you click the Reliability Standards link. Click the One-Stop-Shop link to download a spreadsheet that contains information and links on all Standards’ status, purpose, implementation plans, FERC Orders, and Reliability Standard Audit Worksheet (RSAW)
    • NERC publishes a Weekly Standards & Compliance Bulletin. This weekly bulletin compiles a list of standards and compliance projects with actionable deadlines, upcoming events, recently posted resources, other NERC documents posted for comment, and other relevant news and information. The current bulletin and old bulletins are available under “Program News” on the Standards home page. If you would like to receive this bulletin, register through the NERC ERO portal.
    • Standards Reports: From the drop-down at the top of the page, select the report that will provide the information you need. Available reports are:
      • Mandatory
      • Standards Subject to Enforcement
      • Standards Subject to Future Enforcement
      • Standards filed and Pending Regulatory Approval
      • Standards Pending Regulatory Filing
      • Pending Inactive
      • Inactive Reliability Standards