CIP REF Steering Committee Members

Jennifer Blair, CFE
Compliance Specialist
LG&E and KU Energy, LLC

Jennifer Blair is currently the Compliance Specialist at Louisville Gas & Electric and Kentucky Utilities, a diversified Energy Services Company headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky. Ms. Blair has held this position for the last four years. During her tenure at the company, she has coordinated and prepared for an onsite CIP audit, is responsible for helping lead the company’s transition to CIP Version 5, supporting the company’s day-to-day administration of the CIP compliance program, and serves as the point person for the company’s activities as it relates to CIP compliance monitoring and enforcement with the appropriate regulators.

Prior to LG&E/KU, Ms. Blair worked in the banking industry as an operations supervisor responsible for conducting audits relating to various regulation and compliance processes, managing daily employee operations, and investigating and resolving escalated fraud issues to protect and mitigate risk to the assets of the company.

Ms. Blair is a graduate of the University of Louisville with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a focus in Finance. Ms. Blair also holds the Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) certification from ACFE. 

Brandon Cain
CIP Compliance Assurance Manager
Southern Company

Brandon Cain joined SCS Operations Compliance in 2011 as a CIP Compliance Coordinator and was later promoted to CIP Cyber Compliance Assurance Manager.  In this role, he provides strategic management of the Company’s CIP Compliance Program and oversees the implementation of cyber security initiatives intended to meet and maintain compliance with regulatory reliability standards impacting Transmission and Generation. His team provides crucial support to Company business unit management engaged in cyber compliance activities, prepares for audits and self-certifications, and handles routine regulatory compliance filings for the Company.  

Prior to joining Southern Company, Brandon served as Branch Chief, Tactical Exploitation Branch of the Counterterrorism Task Force, Defense Intelligence Agency.  There, he managed multiple regional teams providing direct overseas intelligence support to agency and military operations and led the production of critical intelligence reports and assessments developed for government officials and senior military leaders.

Brandon holds a B.S. in Information Systems Security Management and an M.B.A. from the University of Alabama in Birmingham.  He has also obtained professional certifications as a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), and a Certified Continuity Manager (CCM). 


Eric Jebsen, PE
Senior Regulatory Engineer
Exelon Generation

Mr. Eric Jebsen has almost 40 years of experience in the nuclear industry at utilities, equipment suppliers, and consultants. Mr. Jebsen’s experience includes:

  • Backup Compliance Contact for RF and SERC for Exelon Generation since 2010
  • SERC Industry Subject Matter Expert (ISME) at GSOC CIP audit September 2017
  • CIP Lead for SERC CIP audit of Exelon 2014
  • Internal SME for CIP-NRC73.54 cyber security interface
  • Group lead for BES Definition roll-out 2014
  • Mock 693 audit of Calvert Cliffs station 2012
  • SERC Data Collection Task Force contributor
  • Exelon Generation 2008-2010 Business Continuity Planning/Pandemic Planning Nuclear lead, including response to 2009 Swine Flu
  • Exelon Generation 2005-2008 Business Operations - responsible for annual business plans and monitoring generation fleet performance
  • Exelon Generation 1999-2005 Probabilistic Risk Analysis (PRA) Engineer at Quad Cities Station responsible for all manner of risk analysis to support operations, maintenance, and incident response; and served as Chair of the industry risk-informed maintenance committee
  • Duke Engineering 1998-1999 PRA and Fire Risk analysis for clients both national and international, including one month PRA training assignment in Saudi Arabia
  • PPL Corporation 1983-1998 various positions in Nuclear Fuels analysis, reactor core physics monitoring, PRA and Fire Risk analysis, including NRC Individual Plant Evaluation (IPE) and IPE for External Events, supporting the Susquehanna Station.
  • Babcock and Wilcox 1980-1983 field service engineer providing reactor startup and plant event analysis services to clients, generally in the Southeastern U.S.

Mr. Jebsen received a BS in Nuclear Engineering at Purdue University, 1980, Cum Laude. He is a registered Professional Engineer in Pennsylvania.

Peggy McDannald
Senior Reliability Compliance Specialist
Associated Electric Cooperative, Inc.

Peggy McDannald currently holds the position of Senior Reliability Compliance Specialist at Associated Electric Cooperative, Inc. (AECI). Peggy has been with AECI for almost 2 years and is part of a team that provides compliance guidance and internal control management for 7 JRO member companies. Peggy's main focus is CIP Reliability Standards and has facilitated the adoption and implementation of a CIP compliance program at 6 member G&Ts.

Prior to joining AECI, Peggy gained 18 years of experience in network administration, IT security audit, information security, and PCI security and audit in the healthcare, banking, and retail industries. Peggy maintains both the CISA and CISM certifications from ISACA.

Gilbert Perez
Manager of Reliability Standards and Compliance
Florida Power & Light

 Gilbert Perez worked in the power industry for over 30 years in multiple capacities. During this time he has been able to work in numerous areas associated with the power industry. Listed below is a summary of his qualifications. These qualifications include a strong background in compliance, communications, network, and security technologies.

His areas of expertise and experiences are as follows:
• Original Member of Bill Clinton’s Critical Infrastructure Security Team
• CIP enforcement agent for the SERC Region
• Participant in Michael Asante’s Smart-Grid Security Team
• CIP Project Manager for plant, control centers and substation assets
• CIP Consultant for several major entities (Structure Group)
• Networking Equipment (Routers, switches and telecom (Fiber Optics, MPLS and Frame-Relay))
• Networking tools such as NPView, Tufin and Cisco-Prime
• Substation systems (Relays, Line Carriers, and RTU's)
• Power Industry Protocols (MODBUS, DNP3 and ICCP)
• Network Security Systems (Firewalls, IDS / IPS and Data Diodes)
• Security tools (Industrial Defender, Tenable and Tripwire)
• Programmer (Programmed OSM/Clearance System, AGC and SCADA)
• Control Centers IP phone systems, turrets and recording equipment
• NERC 693 Standards (COM1, COM 2 and EOP)
• Trained as a System Operator (RC)