The October 2020 edition of the SERC Newsletter has been published, and a PDF version posted on the website.

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Highlights include:

  • Second Joint White Paper
  • September Board Executive Committee Meeting
  • Duo Pilot: Phase 2 Update
  • Recap of Fall Technical Meetings
  • REF Steering Committee Election
  • Q & A
  • SERC Resource Library
  • Welcome New SERC Team Member
  • Upcoming Events


201910 Cover-Shadow

The Align Project is the end product of strategic efforts that began in 2014. Its goals are to improve documentation, sharing, and analysis of compliance work activities; enable consistent application of the CMEP; and make CMEP activities more efficient and effective across the ERO Enterprise. 

NERC announced that Release 1 of the Align compliance monitoring and enforcement program tool has been delayed. The primary drivers for the delay are related to ensuring data security, refining compliance audit and investigation business processes, and addressing stakeholder concerns.

Project team work continues with scheduled activities that include completing user acceptance testing, identifying critical enhancements, completing data integration and reporting efforts, and developing training materials.

A document to address frequently asked questions regarding the Align Release 1 schedule and deployment has been posted.

As additional updates are received, SERC will notify Primary and Alternate Compliance Contacts via email, as well as post information received on this webpage.

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