Align and ERO SEL are Now Live!

by Marnie Moskowitz | May 24, 2021
  • We are excited to announce the Release 1 launch of the Align tool and the ERO Secure Evidence Locker (SEL) for NPCC, RF, and SERC as of May 24, 2021. Registered entities that fall under coordinated oversight are expected to go-live with their Lead Regional Entity. Align and the ERO SEL are designed to process and track all compliance monitoring and enforcement activities with the goal of improving security and standardizing processes.

    NPCC, RF, and SERC join MRO, NERC, Texas RE, and WECC, which have already begun using the Align tool and the ERO SEL. Release 1 includes self-reporting/self-logging, enforcement processing, and mitigation functionality in Align, as well as the use of the ERO SEL to collect registered entity-provided evidence as part of CMEP activities. Subsequent releases will introduce new functionalities to the platform throughout 2021.

    All registered entity staff seeking to access Align must register for an ERO Portal account. Each registered entity’s Primary Compliance Contact (PCC) is responsible for approving access requests for their respective entity via the ERO Portal. If you have questions or problems concerning your ERO Portal account, please submit a support ticket here.

    Effective immediately, the functionalities listed below should be used in Align and the ERO SEL. However, the legacy application (SERC Compliance Portal) should be used to continue processing any open findings already being processed. Please refer to the Registered Entity Start, Stop, Continue Guide for more details.

    Release 1 Functionality Overview for Registered Entity Staff

    • Create and submit Self-Reports and Self-Logs
    • Create and manage mitigating activities and Mitigation Plans
    • Generate a report of standards and requirements applicable to your entity
    • Receive notifications and view dashboards on open/action items
    • Manage user access for your specific entity via the ERO Portal
    • Receive and respond to Requests for Information
    • View and track Open Enforcement Actions
    • Submit evidence supporting the above processes via the ERO SEL

    Please visit the NERC Training Site for access to all Align and ERO SEL training materials, including training videos and user guides. Reach out to your Regional Training Leads, Rick Dodd; Shawna Speer; Janice Carney, with any Align and ERO SEL-related access or training questions.

    Thank you for your ongoing support to help make the Align rollout a success!

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