Membership Information

SERC is a membership corporation. SERC membership is voluntary and free of charge. Membership is open to any entity that meets the following eligibility requirements found in Section IV of the SERC Reliability Corporation Bylaws effective January 1, 2021, and whose application has been approved by the Board of Directors:

  • Is a user, owner, or operator of the Bulk Power System
  • Has a material interest in the Bulk Power System in the SERC Region
  • Is subject to the jurisdiction of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC)
  • Accepts the responsibility to promote, support, and comply with the Reliability Standards of SERC and NERC
  • Accepts the responsibility to assist SERC in its compliance with the Delegation Agreement between SERC and NERC 
  • Qualifies for one or more of the seven sectors defined in SERC’s Bylaws
As a member of SERC, an entity can appoint a representative to SERC’s Members body. Members can help lead SERC and provide input on vital matters and decisions. Member company employees can also participate in SERC  technical committees and working groups. Through committee work, members can enhance SERC’s technical excellence by contributing knowledge and expertise. SERC members collaborate to secure the power grid and assure reliable energy. Together, SERC members work to keep the lights on. 

Voluntary Membership vs. Mandatory Compliance

Voluntary participation through SERC Membership is separate and distinct from required registration and certification for certain bulk power system owners, operators, and users subject to compliance with mandatory and enforceable Reliability Standards of NERC and SERC. 

Becoming a member of SERC

To apply for membership, complete the Membership Application.

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