All bulk power system owners, operators, and users that meet criteria defined in the Statement of Compliance Registry Criteria found in Appendix 5B of the NERC Rules of Procedure are required to register with NERC.   The process for registration is described in Section 500 and Appendix 5A of the NERC Rules of Procedure.   The NERC Compliance Registry (NCR) lists all registered entities that are subject to compliance with approved Reliability Standards. The current NCR is posted on the NERC website

Functional Model

The NERC Reliability Functional Model defines the set of functions that must be performed to ensure the reliability of the Bulk Electric System. It also explains the relationship among the entities responsible for performing the tasks within each function. The Functional Model provides the foundation and framework upon which NERC develops and maintains its Reliability Standards. NERC’s Reliability Standards establish the requirements of the responsible entities that perform the functions defined in this model. 

The Registration Process

To begin the registration process, register your organization at the Regional level. To register in the SERC Region, complete the Registration Form and the GO/GOP Asset Verification Form, if applicable, and submit it to

To change or revise your organization’s registration:

  • If your organization is already registered in the SERC Region, to change or revise your registration, send an email to with a subject line of:  Change Registration.  Attach the completed Registration Form with the changes noted in the Reason for Request section and attach the GO/GOP Asset Verification Form, if applicable.
  • If your organization is registered in more than one Region, please update your registration with all the Regions you are registered in as appropriate. 

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