Coordinated Function Registration (CFR) and Joint Registration Organization (JRO)

Coordinated Function Registration (CFR) 

A CFR represents an agreement between two or more registered entities sharing or splitting compliance responsibility for Requirements or sub-Requirements within particular Reliability Standard(s) applicable to a specific function. 

To ask SERC to accept a CFR, submit the following items to

  • (1) The signed and dated agreements between the registered entities
  • (2) Documentation of the division of responsibilities
    • SERC recommends using the CFR template to document the division of responsibilities.
  • (3) A single point of contact who will inform SERC of any changes to an existing CFR.

Additional details can be found in the NERC ERO Registration Procedure located on NERC’s Registration page

Joint Registration Organization (JRO)

An entity may register as a JRO on behalf of one or more of its members or related entities for one or more functions for which the members or related entities would otherwise be required to register. The entity  accepts, on behalf of such members or related entities, all compliance responsibility for that function or those functions; including all reporting requirements.

To ask SERC to accept a JRO, submit your JRO agreement to

  • The JRO agreement must be made between the entity seeking to register as a JRO and its members or related entities. The JRO agreement must include a list of the Requirements or sub-Requirements for the function(s) for which the JRO is registering and takes responsibility.

SERC will keep a list of all JROs involving entities registered in the SERC Region.