Entity Assessment and Mitigation

SERC engages with registered entities to promote and improve the reliability, adequacy, and critical infrastructure of the bulk power system (BPS) by bridging the gaps between reliability and compliance through effective application of compliance tools and processes. If an issue of noncompliance is identified, Entity Assessment and Mitigation assesses the scope of the noncompliance issue and the risk imposed to the BPS. 

Entity Assessment and Mitigation conducts Inherent Risk Assessments (IRAs) and Internal Control Evaluations (ICEs) to focus compliance monitoring activities in the areas of highest risk. Additional information related to Risk-based Monitoring, including the IRA and ICE, can be found on the Risk-based Compliance Monitoring and Enforcement Program page.

In 2014, the ERO Enterprise initiated the process of developing a comprehensive Coordinated Oversight Program (Program). The Program is designed to streamline risk assessment, compliance monitoring and enforcement, and event analysis activities for the registered entities that use, own or operate assets in areas covering more than one Regional Entity’s territory. Additional information can be found on the  
Coordinated Oversight (MRRE) page.