Coordinated Oversight (MRRE)

A Multi-Region Registered Entity (MRRE) is a NERC registered entity or two or more NERC registered entities that are corporate affiliates that are performing Bulk Electric System (BES) functions in two or more Regional Entities that have been approved for coordinated functions and responsibilities. A Lead Regional Entity (LRE) is the Regional Entity selected to lead efforts related to oversight of MRRE. An Affected Regional Entity (ARE) is a Regional Entity, other than the LRE, in which the MRRE is registered for various NERC functional responsibilities.

Coordinated Oversight is expected to eliminate unnecessary duplication of compliance monitoring and enforcement activities, thereby reducing the administrative burden for the registered entity and improving consistency. For example, under the program, the MRREs submit self-reports for potential instances of noncompliance to a single LRE and not to several Regional Entities. Similarly, self-certifications and periodic data submittals are directed to the designated LRE. Compliance Audits and Investigations and system event disturbance investigations are also coordinated between the LRE and the ARE to optimize compliance oversight.

Starting June 30, 2015, MRREs will still be allowed into the program, but there may be a transition period in which not all oversight activities will be immediately coordinated.

Participation in coordinated oversight is voluntary. However, all registered entities are encouraged to consider the benefits of coordinated oversight and apply for participation in the program. Additional information, including frequently asked questions, can be found in the Coordinated Oversight of MRREs document located in the "Implementation Resources" section of NERC's Reliability Assurance Initiative webpage.