Mission and Vision


To identify, prioritize, and assure effective and efficient mitigation of risks to the reliability and security of the bulk power system


A highly reliable and secure bulk power system

Core Values and Principles

The following core values and principles guide the conduct and behavior of all involved in the SERC Region.

Accountability and Independence

  • Be accountable for maintaining the public trust and fulfilling responsibilities delegated to the SERC Region.
  • Be impartial, independent of special interests, and impervious to improper influence.
  • Balance the need for independent regulatory judgment with the need to involve those with expert knowledge and experience in reliability matters.

Act in a timely manner on the basis of unfolding events, emerging reliability risks, and the needs of the public interest and stakeholders.

Fairness and Inclusiveness

  • Be open and transparent.
  • Provide access for clear communication with stakeholders.
  • Ensure interests of all reliability stakeholders, including costs imposed on registered entities and the public, are duly considered and balanced.

Innovation and Adaptation

  • Continuously assess and prioritize SERC Strategic Initiatives.
  • Embrace change and encourage new ideas that contribute to effective, efficient reliable operations.

Excellence and Efficiency

  • Promote the active participation of the best technical experts.
  • Strive for excellence and efficiency in all aspects of SERC Region business operations.
  • Make informed decisions regarding efficient use and allocation of resources.

Integrity and Ethics

  • Maintain the highest levels of professional competency and ethics.
  • Maintain respectful relationships.
  • Protect the security of confidential information.