SERC’s governance is designed to assure fair stakeholder representation and independence in all activities. SERC is governed by a balanced stakeholder Board of Directors.  

Board of Directors

SERC’s Board of Directors consists of representatives from SERC Member Companies. Each Member Company, together with any affiliated entities, may appoint one Director to the Board. The Board is responsible for managing SERC's affairs according to SERC’s Bylaws and the Delegation Agreement between SERC and NERC.

Further detailed information regarding the Board composition, eligibility, voting, and additional duties may be found in the SERC Bylaws.


Board Committee Structure

Board Executive Committee

The Board Executive Committee (BEC) consists of twelve (12) Sector representatives from the Board of Directors.  The BEC is responsible for overseeing the operation of SERC. The BEC reports directly to the Board of Directors. 

Find more BEC information in SERC's Bylaws.

Other Board Committees

The following Board committees report to the BEC:

  • Board Compliance Committee (BCC)
  • Finance and Audit Committee (FAC)
  • Human Resources and Compensation Committee (HRCC)
  • Nominating Committee